Shoot Zombies and Face Ghosts at VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality

VR Gaming (Virtual Reality Gaming) is the new frontier when it comes to immersive gaming experiences. It’s a technology that brings players as close to the story as possible, thanks to VR Goggles, special effects and interactive gameplay. It’s exciting to know that with VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality, VR has also reached the shores of Manila.

VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality in Manila

VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality is the Philippine’s first VR Gaming Active Park. By “active” it means that the players can move around and interact with the games and other players, thanks to the VR goggles and other game gears (such as guns). Players can work together while being immersed in the same game environment!

Located in the 2nd level of S Maison Mall in Conrad Hotel Manila (near SM Mall of Asia, Pasay), VR+ will catch your attention with it’s colorful and exciting facade. There’s definitely a ton of story going on, thanks to their decor that looks like a military barracks, the truck with people playing aboard it, and the colorful zombie that’s standing by the reception booth/cashier. (Note: Watch video below for reference.)

When we passed by it one Sunday afternoon, it was hard not to get curious! The people on the truck were screaming and shooting at invisible enemies whilst wearing VR goggles and headphones. I badly wanted to play too! And so we approached the counter and asked around.

VR Games for Kids and Adults

VR+ is open during S Maison’s mall hours. They have several rooms, each with a unique story or game that can be played. They have a few wholesome games that are kid-friendly, which includes robots, colorful cities and cute characters (Games: Box Man, Mystery House, Wildling War). Their biggest draw however are the scarier games that involve zombies and ghosts! For the zombie and ghost games, players need to be 13 years old or older. It’s also important to note that most games require a group of players before getting started.

The minimum is 2 people for the Zombie Jail II game, while for other stories, there has to be at least 3 or 4 people playing it. So if I were you, make sure to bring your friends so that you can play as a group. Don’t worry if you’re alone though, you can wait and join other groups in order to play.

Marlon and I were supposed to try the Zombie Jail II game aboard the truck because we lacked players, but thanks to a bit of sales talk, we convinced a lone player to join us and we ended up playing “The Others” instead. Marlon loves scary games and is a fan of the horror genre. I however, am not. But you know, love. Hahaha! Kidding! I was also excited to see if I will get spooked by the VR+ experience.

Here is a fun video tour and walk-through of when we visited and played at VR+ Next Generation Virtual Reality at S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila. Watch and enjoy!

The Others – Was is scary though?

We had loads of fun playing The Others! Yes, it’s a super spooky game. The room itself is decorated and lit in a very creepy fashion. It was dark. There were all sorts of rumbling noises. Oh, and you will definitely hear the screams from the people playing in the other rooms. Haha! The all-wooden room felt like a seance was about to happen. The decorations on the wall were pretty creepy too- wooden crosses and old photographs.

Let’s talk about the VR environment! Once you put on the VR goggles, you will be transported into a digital version of the room that you were just in. The table and chairs are there too. You can look around, above, and below you. The sound effects you’ll hear once you wear the headphones, add to the scary environment thanks to the music and the sound effects.

The story itself was pretty basic horror genre stuff, but it’s fun! Expect a lot of jump scares!

You definitely need to work with your team so you won’t fail the mission. It’s like an escape room experience where teamwork is necessary. If you die within the game, it’s gonna be a bummer.

The Verdict on VR+

I highly recommend that you try VR+ in Conrad Hotel Manila. It’s a unique gaming experience that will get your adrenaline pumping! For PHP 300 to 450 per game, it’s not cheap, but it’s not ridiculously pricey either. You can get discounts if you avail their combo packages.

We definitely want to try their other games in the future!

For more information about VR+ visit their Facebook page.

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