Who is Ariane Astorga? She’s a little firecracker who loves sharing stories.

A graduate of Communication Arts from the Green and White, with years of experience in events, advertising and multimedia, Ariane can be your:

Events Host

Are you looking for experience and professionalism with just the right amount of oomph? 

If so, then Ariane is your girl. She is a flexible events host that specializes in adding energy and life to any event. Her unique brand of bubbliness and wit are a hit at both corporate events and wedding receptions.

Some of the events she’s hosted include tech summits, seminars, workshops, forums, general membership meetings, brand launches, corporate Christmas parties, movie screenings, and concerts. Her former clients include SM Cinema, DLSU, Chevrolet Philippines, Avon, Cisco, Intel Security, Red Hat, Alcatel-Lucent, HP, McAfee, Healthway, and National Bookstore just to name a few.

She also hosts wedding receptions, debutante parties and other personal events. Her goal for these types of gatherings is to ensure that the day will be fun and memorable for all attendees, most especially the celebrants.

If you need an emcee that is smart, lively and definitely not boring, look no further. Nobody likes dull events. Let’s make it fun while getting things done!

Know more about Ariane as an events host…

Voice Talent

As a professional voiceover talent (V.O.), Ariane’s voice has been featured in various radio and television commercials in the Philippines. Her voice has been featured in product ads for real estate, mobile phone, shampoo, fast food, car, telecom, beauty soap, coffee, milk and ice cream brands. And that’s just the beginning of it!

Here are a few samples:



She has also done IVR Projects (Automated Phone Prompts) for companies such as Meralco, Coca Cola Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Goodyear and a few others. Let’s just say that when the power goes out and you decide to call the Meralco hotline, you’ll probably hear her voice. ;)

Her other VO projects include animatics, web videos, educational TV shows, software programs for kids, in-store audio announcements, corporate AVP’s, podcasts and flash presentations.

Click on the following to hear some of her voice samples:

1. Radio and TV ads

2. Telephone Prompts

3. Children’s Materials

4. Corporate Materials

5. Voice Acting


Ariane is also a former freelance writer who is adept at both technical and creative writing. She’s created marketing collaterals, web articles, blogs, essays, success stories, press releases, video scripts, event scripts, product reviews, web content and numerous other things that needed the power of words. She believes that simplicity is the best approach to sending the right message. These days, she writes for Candid Headlines.


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