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Quick backstory: The Mile Long property along Amorsolo Street in Makati has been through tough times in the past few months. Following a court order, the tenants were asked to vacate with very little time for preparation and packing up. Some of the tenants sought temporary work stations, while others left for good. And then there are also some who were able to miraculously come back after a month of chaos. Some of the tenants were able to to work out deals with the new management and are snuggly back in The Gallery, Creekside Building, and Mile Long Building. One of these is Spaces by Eco Hotel, formerly known as Creekside Hotel. 

Review of Spaces by Eco Hotel - Amorsolo Street - Legaspi Village Makati

Spaces Hotel / Hostel

Creekside Hotel used to be one of the staples along Amorsolo Street in Makati. Personally, I’ve never stayed there, but I often walk by it since I work near the audio production houses nearby. These days however, Creekside Hotel is no more and in place of it is Spaces” a budget hotel-slash-hostel managed by the Eco Hotel group.

The Eco Hotel group takes their name seriously. The theme of their hotels are always nature-centric and they value keeping things “green”. Here’s a snippet from their website:

What is a “green service hotel”?
As a green service hotel, we embrace a globally celebrated concept in the hospitality industry. Our policies, procedures, services, facilities and amenities revolve around our corporate mission to reduce our carbon footprint, reuse items when necessary, recycle materials creatively, and renew energy and resources efficiently, all to minimize the impact on the environment.

Spaces takes on this mission. As you enter the hotel’s lobby, you will be greeted by their faux grass carpet, and a swath of murals depicting scenes from nature. They also have furniture, light fixtures, and art pieces made from recycled materials.

On their main (1st) floor, lies the shared rooms or dorm rooms. However since they based their layout from the former Creekside Hotel and since they didn’t change too much in terms of the rooms themselves, each shared room is good for only two people. That’s a win for backpackers who usually have to share a big room full of bunk beds with dozens of people. Here, if you book a bed, you only need to share the room with one stranger (of the same gender). Boys are separated from girls, except if they know each other. Each shared room has its own toilet and bath- equipped with a shower.

Some of the shared rooms have bunk beds while others have separate single beds.

  • Shared Room / Dormitory Price: PHP 880 for 24 hours

A cool service that they offer is a 5-hour short star for 1 bed in their shared rooms. They call this their Power Nap Promo. Take note that this is different from quickie motel rooms, because this service is for 1 bed and 1 person only in a dorm/shared room. The target market here are working professionals who need a quick power nap in between or after a grueling day of work. This is also great for people who want to wait out the terrible traffic if ever they end up in Makati during a Friday rush hour carmageddon. Hehe.

  • 5-hr Power Nap Promo in a Shared Room: PHP 599 

But if you want to book a private room, that’s possible too. On their second floor (third of the actual building) you will find their private rooms. Just like a normal hotel. They have Deluxe Rooms and Standard Twin Rooms. Insider tip: Request for one of their newly-renovated rooms! Nicer interiors. Booking a private room comes with a simple breakfast.

  • Private Room Introductory Promo Price: PHP 1,593 (Subject to change) 

Take note that this IS a budget hotel. The rooms are not that big. The interiors are not that fancy. What you’ll be getting are your most basic needs. But a plus for Spaces is the location. It’s walking distance from Legaspi Village Active Park. It’s a few steps away from Little Tokyo and other delicious Japanese restos (like Nihonbashitei). Starbucks and Toby’s Estate are nearby too. So are convenience stores! Greenbelt 1 and 5 are about 10-15 minutes away on foot. Which also means that it’s very near Ayala and the Makati central business district. Amorsolo street is not the fanciest area, and it’s almost on the outskirts, but it’s at just the right spot where convenience and affordability meet.

Oh and before I forget, they commissioned various artists to paint unique wall murals in each of the rooms! Most of them are nature themed. Some may find the huge murals tacky, others will find them endearing. In any case, they add a nice warm touch to each room.

Coworking Space

Another unique thing about Spaces by Eco Hotel is the fact that their lobby also doubles as a coworking space. A freelancer (like me) can book a table and stay there for 8 whole hours for only PHP 299! That’s a long time! Much, much cheaper than the other coworking spaces around Makati. However, coffee and water aren’t free though. But you do get a comfortable airconditioned space with WIFI and power outlets. I have yet to try working there but from my initial visit, I definitely will soon.

So again, Creekside Hotel is no more. In its place comes this renovated and rebranded hotel-hostel which now caters to a younger and hipper market. Dare I say that Spaces by Eco Hotel is millennial-friendly?

Video Tour of the Place: Watch my VLOG!

Hey, do you want a tour of the actual space? Check out this video that I made! I visited the shared (dorm) rooms, the private rooms, and of course the lobby-slash-coworking area.

For more information, you can visit their website at Spaces by Eco Hotel (Makati).

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