Hi, I’m Ariane and I’m a Voiceover Talent and an Events Host. That means that I speak words and talk to people for a living. My work necessitates that I speak clearly and effectively in order to move people… either into having fun, or buying stuff! Haha.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I want to impart some of the techniques that I personally use, so that you too, can communicate better. Sometimes, a few simple tweaks is all it takes in order for you to become a more credible (or at least credible-sounding) person.

Here is the first video that I’ve created in the series. It’s a simple “hack” that anyone can do! By doing this, you’ll instantly sound smarter and more confident. It’s definitely something that you can use for presentations, interviews, and important conversations. Actually, if you ask me, it’s something that you should practice everyday.

Click on the video to learn more. And please, don’t forget to subscribe to Candid Headlines on YouTube! 

Continue the learning and watch the second episode here.

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Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga is an events host, voiceover talent, singer, and freelance writer from Metro Manila. Ever bubbly, she's a little firecracker who aims to inform and inspire.
Ariane Astorga

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