What can I share to the world?

People often ask me where I got my training as a public speaker. Did I go to a specific workshop or seminar on how to speak really well? The simple answer here is, no. It’s a mixture of so many things!

I got here, thanks to various circumstances. I got here through amazing teachers who taught me how to speak proper English and Filipino. I learned my vocabulary from books, movies, and television. I got my training from years of being pushed to the front of the stage (mostly by my mom haha). The confidence that I have now, came about from years of standing in front of people. At first I was reluctant. (Declamation contests as early as Kindergarten, singing for my mom’s sales team) But eventually, I grew the hang of it (leading flag-raising events, and making speeches as our school’s Student Council President). Pretty soon, I found myself volunteering to do it (joining an events management org in college to do events hosting). Now it’s like second nature (voiceover work, events hosting work, etc.).

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And so when I created my YouTube channel a few months ago, I had to ask myself, what can I share to the world? What am I good at? What sort of positivity can I send forth to other people? How can I be an instrument of positive change?

After a lot of self-exploration and doubt, I had to reflect hard on who I am as a person. Do I focus on what I enjoy watching other people do? What’s my niche market? What’s my purpose in life?? Why am I here???!!! *faints*

All of a sudden it dawned on me. Hello?! You can share tips on how to speak better and communicate better! I can’t really say that I’m an “expert” at this. But I feel like, I am confident enough in this topic and I can safely say that I’m a professional at this. Self-doubt is hard to shake off. It’s easy to hide behind the fear of being humiliated and ridiculed. However, my desire to share was much stronger! So I had no choice but to power through.

I had to convince myself that I’m good at something. I had to justify so many things to myself. I even had to remind myself that, “Girl, your bread and butter, literally relies on speaking to others through different means!” Putting yourself out there requires a lot of stomach-twisting, soul-searching. It’s important to keep reminding yourself of who you are and what you can do.

Cut to, two videos that I created on how to speak better! :D They’re not that many yet, but I think that bite-sized tips are easier to digest for other people.

What inspired me to write this blog post, are the 4 or 5 people who’ve approached me these past few days, telling me how they were blessed by these two videos. Some who applied the tips for work meetings. Some who watched the videos just before an important speaking engagement. If you’ll look at the total views of my videos, they’re not that many! Far from viral. But those handful of people are enough to fill my heart with love and they reminded me that my voice means something. Actually, even if I just inspire one person, I would say that I did a good job, and it’s all worth it!

So my point today here is this… You may think that you can’t share anything. You may doubt that you can teach or inspire anyone. You may think that with so many other experts in the world, what’s the point of saying anything at all? You may think that your voice doesn’t matter. But it does!

Your voice matters. Your unique story matters. We can’t all be good at everything, but you’re good at something! And whatever that thing is, don’t be selfish. Be brave! Send it forth and who knows how many people you can inspire! You don’t have to be the top industry expert. Whether it’s baking, dancing, accounting, exercising, organizing clutter, or in my case, speaking, there’s always somebody out there who could use a tip of two.

PS: My YouTube Channel will probably still be filled with lots of random stuff, but at least I know that it’s not a waste of time. I actually inspire one or two souls out there! That’s enough reason to do a happy dance! Yaaay! :)

Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga is an events host, voiceover talent, singer, and freelance writer from Metro Manila. Ever bubbly, she's a little firecracker who aims to inform and inspire.
Ariane Astorga

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