My Top 10 Makeup Tips for Beginners

Putting on makeup is part of most girls’ everyday routine. This is especially true if you’re a working gal who needs to look put together and presentable for work. However, in the past year, I discovered that makeup is so much more than just swiping on lipstick and patting on some powder and blush. I’ve learned that putting on makeup correctly (AND using the right products) can really make a HUGE difference on not just the end result, but also on the longevity of your makeup. That’s why I decided to create a  video for my YouTube channel which focuses on the 10 game-changers that really upped my makeup game.

You can watch the video below…

To recap, here are my top 10 makeup tips for beginners:

  1. Primer is Important – Primer or makeup base is important for easier application of foundation. Depending on what type of primer you’re using, it can either minimize your pores, moisturize your face, or decrease any redness. It preps the face for all the next makeup steps.
  2. You Need the Right Tools – Sponges, brushes, eyelash curlers… these are just some of the things that you will need if you want to take your makeup seriously. I’ve always been used to using my hands, but I always knew that there must be a better way to do things. Think of artists or painters. They use different types of brushes (made of different materials) for specific purposes. The same goes for makeup brushes and spongers. Synthetic brushes are good for liquid makeup. Natural hairs (goat, etc.) are great for applying and applying powder products. It’s a bit of an investment to complete your collection, but trust me, it will be worth it.
  3. Set Your Concealer With Powder – Most concealers will crease if you don’t set it properly. And by this I mean, there will be unwanted wrinkles and lines  under your eyes because your concealer has hardened and therefore folds likes cloth/textiles. To avoid this ageing problem, you have to put on some powder over the areas where you’ve blended your concealer. I highly recommend the RCMA No Color Powder!
  4. Contour is Your BFF – Contouring is the process of mimicking shadows on your face. This will emphasize bone structure and can make you look chiseled! You can magically add cheekbones and make double-chins disappear with good contouring techniques. You can also slim down your nose and forehead! It’s sorcery!
  5. Eyebrows are Life (Kilay is Life) – Women naturally have finer hairs and less facial hair as compared to men. And it’s a shame because we all have such lovely eyes that need to be emphasized. This is why adding definition to your eyebrows has to happen! Defining your eyebrows with either a gel or powder product will help in framing not just your eyes but also your entire face. When I discovered this fact, my life has never been the same!
  6. Use and Eyeshadow Base – I’ve always wondered why my eyeshadows don’t show up that much and why they don’t last for very long. Apparently, eyeshadow base exists! You can apply it on your lids before you put on any eyeshadow. It sort of works the same way as primer and foundation but for your eyelids.
  7. Not All Eyeshadows Are Created Equal – Another answer to my eyeshadow mysteries! I never knew that eyeshadows are not all made the same. Top quality eyeshadows are very creamy and apply very smoothly on your eyelids. They also have good color payoff– meaning they appear well once you put them on and the colors are true to what you see on the pan. Good eyeshadows also blend better and make application much faster.
  8. Moisturizer on the Eyes = Smudge – I have dry skin so it’s a must for me to put on moisturizer twice a day. I later realized that putting moisturizer on my eyelids guaranty me a 100% chance that my eyeliner will smudge and make an awful mess. Ergo, I only put some TLC on that area once a day before I go to bed.
  9. Matte Liquid Lipsticks are Awesome – Who has time to constantly reapply their lipstick? For all you girls who want no-fuss, long-lasting, smudge-proof lipstick, matte liquid lipsticks are the way to go! You’d want a formula that dries down completely. Something that will last for hours and won’t smear on your coffee cup! Take note though that to remove them completely at the end of the day, you need makeup remover or a cleansing towelette. If all else fails, try baby oil!
  10. Don’t Forget Setting Spray – This is the last step to the makeup routine. Setting sprays or makeup fixing sprays help to remove the powdery look on one’s face after layering on different products. It helps the products to blend better and sort of flattens all of the layers. Good setting sprays will also help your makeup to last longer!

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PS: You’re beautiful just the way you are, makeup is just meant to enhance what’s already there! ;)

Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga

Ariane Astorga is an events host, voiceover talent, singer, and freelance writer from Metro Manila. Ever bubbly, she's a little firecracker who aims to inform and inspire.
Ariane Astorga

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